Delmont Fire & Safety LLC can devise a strategy for the most efficient and effective fire protection, detection and suppression systems based on your needs. Currently we offer our expertise in the following areas:

Design Services

Our design department has the knowledge and expertise to create advanced systems for your projects using the latest UAE code book guidelines. We have the skills, credentials, and experience necessary to handle complex fire protection systems according to your needs.

We can and have designed for

  • Industrial warehouses
  • Flammable Materials Storage
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Malls

Installation Services

Delmont Fire & Safety LLC’s technical team and field superintendents are experienced consultants who are well prepared to meet your requests during construction according to project guidelines.

Our installation crews are efficient, orderly, and cooperative on the job site. We are staffed to maintain top performance and adhere to deadlines while providing the highest quality product.

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