Headquartered in Dubai UAE, Delmont Fire & Safety LLC is Dubai Civil Defence Approved, provider of fire safety equipment, systems and services. With a significant amount of experience and expertise in fire protection & detection systems, we offer solutions you can depend on. Delmont Fire & Safety is one of the leading fire protection and safety companies in Dubai, UAE. Our expertise is to provide turn-key solutions for the Design, supply, installation & maintenance of firefighting sprinkler systems, fire pump sets, External fire hydrant systems, Clean Agent fire suppression systems, Fire Alarm Systems & Emergency Lighting Systems. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers through an amalgamation of qualified & experienced team with the latest technology advancements in the industry. Contact to fire and safety company in Dubai and make your home safe and secure.

Design Services

Installation Services

Delmont Fire & Safety LLC’s technical team and field superintendents are experienced consultants who are well prepared to meet your requests during construction according to project guidelines.

Our installation crews are efficient, orderly, and cooperative on the job site. We are staffed to maintain top performance and adhere to deadlines while providing the highest quality product.

About Us


Established in the year 2016, Delmont Fire & Safety LLC is Dubai Civil Defense Approved, UAE based fire detection and protection system installation and maintenance company.

At Delmont, our main objective is ensuring our customers are provided with the best solutions. From a project-managed installation to servicing and maintenance, we tailor our services to the exact requirements of your projects. We provide services to our clients around the clock throughout the year. With a team of highly experienced & qualified Engineers & Technicians trained to handle all types of fire protection systems, Delmont provides businesses with a complete professional Fire protection service.

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