How to Hire a Top Fire fighting Maintenance Company in Dubai

To keep your employees and property safe from the risk of fire, you have to be proactive. But with different fire maintenance companies in Dubai, how do you decide which one will provide the quality of service you need? Here are four critical things you should consider when contracting a fire fighting maintenance company in Dubai:

1. Maintenance services offered

The fire fighting maintenance company you pick will be determined by the kind of fire protection system you have or plan to install in your building. Fire protection companies in UAE provide different kinds of services, some even concentrate on just one or two service types. For instance, some companies may only conduct inspections on kitchen systems and portable fire extinguishers while others may focus on fire alarms or sprinklers. To find the best fire fighting maintenance company in Dubai, find out whether a company covers all the fire equipment maintenance services you need.

2. Company’s track record

When seeking a fire maintenance company, you need to pay attention to its track record in the business. If you are looking to partner with it for a long time, you need to find a company that is well established. Some questions that can help you understand a fire alarm maintenance company in Dubai better include finding out how long the majority of its customers stay with it and the biggest maintenance project it has undertaken so far. Consider asking for references that you could talk to about the company’s services. If the company has delivered on big projects or served corporations, it’s an indication of its reliability and capacity – and is a good sign.

3. Cost of maintenance services

Fire safety is serious business and the cost element matters when it comes to keeping your business and employees safe. The cost of maintaining a fire fighting system is determined by several factors. This includes how big a building is, how old it is (generally, older buildings tend to be costly because they are difficult to work in) and the functions or features to be tested.

The cost is also determined by the items that need to be protected, the specialty of the testing equipment and the off-hour inspection requirements. Besides the original price, companies may require you to cater for additional charges such as those relating to replacement of any faulty devises, reprogramming the fire alarm panel, testing equipment among others. When picking a fire alarm maintenance company in Dubai, compare the levels of service to avoid additional costs that low cost vendors may require you to pay that were not included in the initial bid.

4. Fire fighting inspection reports

The way fire maintenance companies in Dubai keep inspection reports differs from one company to the other. Find out how the company documents inspections – do they use paper or a web-based application? The latter is more ideal because it makes your life easier and the company can provide inspection services smoothly. Consider finding out how long the company holds records after conducting an inspection and whether you can access inspection reports any time for purposes of proving compliance or insurance.

Final word

For most businesses, engaging fire protection companies in UAE to help with maintenance of a fire fighting system tends to be an afterthought. Ensuring that your fire fighting system is in good condition is a proactive move that reduces the risk of having your business destroyed and employees hurt. The four factors discussed above can go a long way in ensuring that you contract a qualified fire fighting maintenance company in Dubai and keep your business safe from fire.