How effective is your Fire Protection & Detection System?

Every business faces the risk of loss from fire and one way of mitigating this risk is installing a fire protection system. But having a fire protection or detection system installed in your business is one thing. To reduce losses in the event of a fire outbreak, you need to ensure that the system is always in a good working condition so that it works effectively when you need it to.

So, how can you ensure that the fire detection system installed by fire protection companies in UAE works effectively?

1. Ensure the system is updated

The fire protection and detection system that you install in your business premises will have a lifespan. For instance, automatic fire detection systems have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. This means that if you install this kind of system in your business, it will not work effectively once the 15 years lapse. The system can no longer be considered liable and due to technological changes, it will be difficult to find spare parts to repair it when the need arises.

2. Have annual inspections conducted

The fire department conducts annual inspections to assess the potential of fire hazards and check how prepared a business is to mitigate such a hazard. The written report provided by the department can help you determine how effective your fire protection and detection system is in curbing fire hazard in your business premises. Often, such a report will show the corrections you need to make to your fire fighting equipment to improve their effectiveness.

3. Conduct routine tests and inspection

In your business, have a schedule for testing and inspecting your fire detection and protection system. Such tests and visual inspections enable you to identify faults on the system that could hinder its effective operation should a fire break out.

4. Maintain the system regularly

Maintenance works should be undertaken on a fire system to ensure that it operates properly. Once installed, consider engaging a fire alarm maintenance company in Dubai to service the system regularly. One approach to maintenance is to ensure that failures are addressed as soon as they are identified during equipment testing or visual inspection exercises.