Common Fire Hazards That Can Be Found In Your Home

A single fire can set you back hundreds and thousands of dirhams worth in property damages. The thing is, for the most part, fire hazards are preventable. From candles to electronics, taking preventive steps in fire safety can make a difference in minimizing risks versus dealing with potential life-threatening dangers.

There are five common causes of household fire hazards that are right in your home:

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Advantages of Using Fire Alarm System in UAE

Fire is one of the worst accidents that can happen to any business. If it occurs, fire can leave a trail of destruction and losses that take a lot of time, finances and effort to recover or replace. At the same time, businesses lose customers due to loss of data and the fact that they cannot meet customer needs immediately. But your business does not have to suffer extreme losses in the event of a fire.

One way to keep your business safe from fire incidents is to ensure installation of fire fighting systems like fire alarms. Wondering whether you really need to install such systems in your business? Here are the benefits of having a fire alarm system in place:

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3 Factors to Consider When Searching for Fire Alarm/ Fire Fighting companies in Dubai

There are numerous fire alarm/firefighting companies in the UAE today. But, if you are looking for a supplier/installer of fire alarm/ fire fighting system in Dubai, how do you determine which company to select? Here are three key elements to consider before you enlist fire alarm/fire fighting supplier/installer in Dubai:

1. Reputation of the Company

When searching for fire fighting suppliers/installer in Dubai, reputation of a company is one of the most important factor to consider. Fire alarm/ fire fighting systems are designed to protect both people and property; hence you need to find a supplier/installer that you can trust. To assess the reputation of fire alarm suppliers/ installers in Dubai, consider checking its experience & license issued for supply, installation & maintenance by the local civil defense authorities. This could be in terms of the duration that the company has been in the fire equipment business. Also, read the reviews left by customers online – these will give you an idea of the quality of service to expect from the supplier/installer. You should also find out whether the supplier is a member of any business association, certifications that it holds and whether it has won any awards.

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